My hectic job is killing my soul – time to find the best solution

Job Stress / Workplace Issues

My hectic job is killing my soul – time to find the best solution

All human beings have their regular duty to do with their job. In a certain stage, you may feel like to switch over to another job is a common factor in all fields. Sometimes, you may feel like to run away from the worst scenario of the present job and need a mental relief or a new way of change in work. Many times you may think like your job is killing you but you can’t quit.

Our Mind is always looking for the next one or the better option. We are not a saint to be happy with our present scenarios & properties; after all, we are humans always looking for changes & varieties. It happens almost to all in the world. Nowadays it’s happening to everyone. Do we think of how to cope up with the job we hate?

Here are some of the tips to cope up when you hate your job?

Mental Inventory about the present Job

Do you really feel like you’re job is killing you but you can’t quit. ?

First, sit relax, think about what is happening around you? Analyze the problems, why it is happening? How it is happening?  If you find the answer to this question clearly, you will be out of your problem. It helps to cope when you hate your job once you find the solution.

But it’s an obvious thing to find the problems running around us. It may be the cause from the co-worker, or team lead or a manager. First, find the problems; try to sort out with the problem when it arises with the co-workers.

Remember that your job is killing you but you can’t quit. Think in detail, about the cause of the stress. Ensure that this job is important for more than anything and if you go for a new job, they also you may have to face the same type of issues.

When you choose a new company for a new job, their also the same problem may exist. So instead of running away from the problem, better investigate the issue and try to find the cause & best solution for the issue. This will definitely help to cope with work when you hate your job.

Don’t spread out your problem

When you feel like the job is ruining my life, it is always better to find the cause & solution in a secret way. When you share your stress with your colleagues or with the team, there may be the possibility of leakage in the matter.

This makes the management, to take action against you or plan to replace someone in your place. In that scenario, really you feel like my job is killing my soul. Be careful in handling the situation & find the solution for exploitation.

If you really want someone to listen to your frustration choose a member from the family or better consult a good psychology Doctor for the best result. Definitely, they won’t leak out the problem & always give a better idea to resolve the worst situation.

Never choose an office colleague who is really jealous of you & your work may create a situation of hate going back to work.

Start planning your day for better tomorrow

Life is so easy & simple. People only make it very tedious. Think, plan & execute you get a wide experience & better understanding of the situation. It is up to you how to cope with the job you hate?

If your job really hates just try to love it. In one stage, you start to love your work. Only when you love your work, it repays you with good attention & intention. Never blame or think about the jealousy around you.

If you really hate your job and you feel you are exploited, find the best cause & result for the present scenario & find the time to switch over.

In the World, nothing is impossible. As the word itself says that I m possible. To find the problems that make you be in stress either try to solve to cope when you hate your job, or try to overcome when you want to quit my job but can’t afford to it.

If you feel like my job is ruining my life better try be away from it. That’s the safest choice to survive without stress & tension.

Job Stress

Three Best solutions for Job Stress

When you want to solve the worst scenario of your job situation, then your job, your work, your salary will be safe. You are playing a safe game in your life.

If you plan to overcome it, you can sort any kind of issues happened around you & tackle it in a smart way. It helps you to stand in your position & nobody can exploit you in your company.

This solution definitely helps to cope when you hate your job.

If you want to be away from the situation that my job is killing my soul, take time, analyze about the real cause, think twice whether your job is really killing and you can’t cope with the same work.

Start to find the best company for your talent that really helps you out in stress-free, economically & work for company.

Take time to find the best company that is suitable for you, till that try to solve temporary issues as you want to quit my job but you can’t afford to it in a present commitments, & never get into problem with the team, co-worker & manager, At the same time, don’t expose to anyone about your present scenario & find best job by posting resumes in many sites.

Take time, analyze about the company, make sure you should not face the same type of issue in the ongoing process company & ensure get selected, & get free from the hate going back to work for the same company.


Always have a positive attitude that helps to move to the next position in life. Never blame your present situation, because of this situation happened to you, you are presently looking for the new best job.

So this will be the major cause of your change. So never blame, as the previous company that may give many good & bad experiences that helps to overcome your all situations.

Always be happy, be positive & be energetic. Try to focus your mind to your beloved one, loving things & interesting hobbies. Never blame or exploit anyone in the new company.