Why do you want to be a leader?

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Why do you want to be a leader?

Have you ever wondered how would it be to be a leader?

Or have you felt “chills” while watching kings and queens flip their cape and sit majestically on the throne?

Or the movies where the protagonist escapes us from the matrix?

Do you ever imagine of being the chosen one, the ruler of your own world?

You are not the only one with big dreams and small realities.

Almost all of us would have dreamt of being a Leader. And most of it was out of our reach. Some of us failed to accomplish the position.

It is because we never had it took to be in that position.

Cheer up! It is one way or another.

You are a star

This might be new under the leadership or probably new because in most articles you would have seen great people speech and setting goals for starters.

be a leader

Do you know why the word “Starters has “star” in it?

Because not everyone has the courage to take the first step but if you are in search of meaning and not just sitting idle accepting your random life as it is. you are already a star. Congratulations you are the brave ones to take the first step.

Reasons to be a leader

  • Do you remember the first time you wanted to lead?

It would have occurred during those kinder garden times when teachers appoint one clever student to monitor all of us. The amount of pampering and petting they used to get, envies us.  Many of us would have been annoyed by their superiority behavior and power to control our actions.

If you weren’t one of those queen/king bees then that would have been the first time you wanted to be a leader.

  • There would have been some really serious reasons behind you wanting to be a leader.
  • One reason is you are very unsatisfied with the person holding the power or leadership. It might be because they seem to be irresponsible for the honorable position.
  • The other reason might be family circumstances. Our parents would have held a prestigious position in society and to protect the family legacy we would have been forced to that position.
  • Your circle would have wished to see yourself as a leader because they would have acknowledged your spectacular leading traits at some point.

Why you should be a leader?

To be in leadership helps a person develop oneself in many ways.

  • It brings disciple in actions.
  • It makes a person selfless and humane.
  • It makes a person tolerant of difficult situations.
  • A leader will eventually learn to survive hard tests of life.
  • He/she will work well under pressure.
  • They are strong-minded and compassionate.

Should you be a leader?

Yes!  Everyone has something they are good at. And every human possesses leadership traits in them. Even from ancient times, there were clan leaders and village leaders. This was during the early times of civilization.

So why not, try now?

For you are the ones to make a wish, take a chance, and make a change. Make a bucket list; it may be your own list of how things will work out for you.

Choose a person that inspires you and kindles the leader in you; follow their steps with your strength and uniqueness. But never lose your identity by copying your inspiration.

Leadership doesn’t come easily and hence you must be ready to face the challenges.